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Overview: What are we talking about?

Gingr Payments is our most comprehensive payment processing integration to date for Gingr customers. Gingr Payments’ infrastructure is powered by Stripe, which is an industry-leader for payment management and fraud protection. Gingr Payments has an advantage over our other payment integrations because it is the only integration that you can manage from within your Gingr app. Additionally, it offers synced, in-person payments with a terminal for our US, Canadian, and UK customers. 

This article will cover the various sections within the Gingr Payments Dashboard. You can sign up for Gingr Payments via Admin » Credit Card Processing » Payment Processor section » + Sign up for Payments.


This article includes: 

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Gingr Payments Dashboard

Navigate to the Gingr Payments Dashboard via Book Icon » Reports » Gingr Payments Dashboard. 

Once you pull up the Gingr Payments Dashboard, you will see a side panel with five sections: Account & Details, Transactions, Balances & Payouts, Reports, and Card Readers. Here we will review each section of the Gingr Payments Dashboard. 


Account & Details 

The Account & Details section of the Gingr Payments Dashboard is where you will find any information regarding your Gingr Payments account. This displays your account status, contact information, bank account(s), and account details including your payout schedule. If all three sections at the top of the Gingr Payments Dashboard, labeled Status, Payments, and Payouts, show as Enabled, then this means your account status is active! 

If you need to make any changes to your account, this can be done via this page by clicking the "Edit" button.

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Important! The Statement Descriptor in the Details section reflects the description that your clients will see on their bank/credit card statements for charges from your facility. To avoid potential payment disputes due to suspected fraud, it is very important that this descriptor easily identifies your business to your clients. By default the Statement Descriptor will be listed as your business website address. You have the ability to edit this field and update your Statement Descriptor at any time as needed. Please note that this is limited to 18 characters.



You can find Gingr Payments transactional reporting on the Gingr Payments Dashboard under the Transactions section. Here, you can see information regarding payments and associated fees for each transaction. 

With Gingr Payments, fees are assessed and collected through each transaction, rather than calculated at the end of the month.  This alleviates the need for month-end statements! 

Payments processed using Gingr Payments will also display on all current payment-related reports in Gingr (Revenue by Date, End of Day, Deposits, etc)!


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Notes on Fees:
Fees are calculated on every transaction and only the net payment less fees will be received by the business.
Fees are also rounded up to the nearest (smallest) currency value.

Example calculation:
11.11 payment x .013 percentage fee = 0.14443 +.20 flat fee = 0.34443 rounds up to 0.35 for the fee


Balances & Payouts 

The Balances & Payouts section of the Gingr Payments Dashboard will show a history of all of the payout details associated with your account. This will give you the sum of all fees assessed and payments collected, as well as reconcile the payout amount similar to CardConnect batch reports. 

Payouts are delivered on schedules determined by your country, as well as the risk associated with your account. Once your account has been created, you can see your Payout Schedule on the Account & Details sections of the Gingr Payments Dashboard. 

Refunds done through Gingr Payments doesn’t necessarily follow the timeline of payouts. Refunds will appear in a connected account’s next available payout depending on what time the refund is done. 


For more details on payouts please refer to the Gingr Payments Overview article.


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The Reports section of the Gingr Payments Dashboard will keep track of any transactions and payouts that used Gingr Payments, and consolidate this information for easier revenue reporting!

Reports has three separate reporting sections: Today, Reports Overview, and Financial Reports. When generating the activity, balance, or payout reconciliation, a banner will appear stating the report will take a couple minutes to load which reads “Your report is loading! Please be patient as these reports may sometimes take several minutes to load.”



Today: This section tracks payment volume from today compared to yesterday generated through Gingr Payments. This is a view-only graph, meaning there are no parameter options the user can change. The features on this section include: 

  • Gross volume today compared to yesterday

  • Your country's currency Balance

  • Payouts (show the amount for the next expected payout) and when it is expected

Reports Overview: This section will have a sequence of graphs that reflect Gingr Payments history the user can view by selecting various date ranges. These graphs include:

  • Net Volume from Payments (Called “Net Volume from Sales” on Stripe dashboard)

  • Successful Payments

  • Average Payment Per Customer

Financial Reports: This section of Reports will show a breakdown of your Balance Summary, Payouts, Activity, and Payouts Reconciliation. Click on one of the page tabs and select your date range(s) for custom reporting! These are linked to the following reports generated via Stripe API:

  • Payout reconciliation

  • Payment fees report

  • Balance Report

  • Activity


Card Readers

The Card Readers section is where US, Canadian, and UK customers can order and manage Gingr Payments card readers.  

If you are ordering a new terminal, you do have the option to choose from various delivery options such as Standard, Three Day, Two Day, or Next Day shipping! Please keep in mind that if you are a facility ordering a terminal outside the US, you may have longer shipping times. 

See our Gingr Payments Overview article to learn more!

For additional information on Gingr Payments terminals please refer to these related articles:

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 7.38.11 PM.png

The Tips Section will display for apps in the US, UK, and CA. From here, you can choose what tip options your terminal should display. You can choose between fixed amounts, percentages, and a combination of the two (which can also have a minimum charge threshold). 

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