How to Set Up your Stripe Credit Card Terminal (WisePOS E) for Gingr Payments

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Overview: What are we talking about?

Gingr Payments powered by Stripe is a payment processing solution that has a credit card terminal that fully syncs to Gingr for our US, Canadian, and UK customers. This article will review how to set up your Stripe Credit Card Terminal (WisePOS E) to Gingr Payments. 


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How to: Setup your WisePOS E

1. When you first receive the device, install the battery. With the back of the device facing you, lift up from the indentation at the bottom left corner to detach the back cover. Insert the battery by sliding it into the exposed slot with the gold connectors at the top aligned.


2. Once the battery is in place, charge the reader. Connect the reader to power by plugging the provided cable into the port with the lightning bolt symbol.


3. Once charged, hold down the power button on the right hand side until the screen turns on. (Once the device is powered on, pressing the power button once will sleep and wake the device. To fully power off the device hold down the power button until the power off option is shown on the screen, then select it.)

*Even when it’s not in use, leave the BBPOS WisePOS E plugged in and powered on to receive automatic software updates.


4. To open the settings menu swipe right from the left edge of the reader screen to reveal a settings button. Tap the settings button and enter the admin PIN 07139



5. Here you will want to connect the terminal to your business WiFi. *If you rather not connect to your business WiFi, you can also choose to directly attach your connector cable to an ethernet cable and to your router. If you choose this method, use the port on the connecter cable labeled ETH. 

      • If you are setting up a new device, follow the on-screen prompts to connect to the internet using WiFi. If you need to start over for any reason, press the red X button on the keypad. To enter your network's password, use the multi-tap functionality on the terminal's keypad. 
      • If you are switching networks, or connecting an already online terminal to a WiFi network, press 0WIFI (0-9-4-3-4) on the keypad and follow the prompts. To enter your network's password, use the multi-tap functionality on the terminal's keypad. 



*Please note: Your WiFi network must use WPA-Personal or WPA2-Personal encryption and be password protected. WiFi is not supported for non-password-protected networks or enterprise networks. If your WiFi network is not supported, you will need to directly link your connector cable to an ethernet cable and to your router. 


6. Once your terminal is powered on and you are connected to the internet, you can connect your terminal to your Gingr app. Navigate to Book Icon » Reports » Gingr Payments Dashboard. Alternatively, you can also provision terminals from Admin » Credit Card Processing » Gingr Payments Terminals » + Add Terminal.



7. On the left side, select Card Readers and then click the blue Add Terminal button.



8. Once you click the Add Terminal button, you will be prompted to provide a Registration Code and Label.

  • Registration Code: This code can be found on your Stripe terminal screen when you first turn the device on. If for some reason you do not see a code, simply key in 07139 to have a new code generated for you.
  • Label: This will be the name of the device as it appears in Gingr.


Once you have entered your Registration Code and Label, click the blue Add Terminal button. 


9. Tips can be accepted directly from the WisePOS E terminal in the US, UK, and CA. Tipping functionality is disabled by default, so to enable the feature you will need to select a tips option from the Tips Setting dropdown. This is located within the Gingr Payments Dashboard at Book Icon » Reports » Gingr Payments Dashboard » Card Readers. 

You have the ability to prompt for different tip amounts on the terminal at checkout:

  • No Tips: Clients will not be prompted for a tip when making a payment.
  • Fixed Amount: The terminal will prompt the client to select 1 of 3 fixed tip amounts. Ex. $5, $10, and $15. The tip amounts can be configured by the business after selecting this option.

  • Percentage: The terminal will prompt the user to select 1 of 3 tip percentages. Ex. 10%, 15%, 20%. The tip percentages can be configured by the business after selecting this option.

  • Fixed Amount (when below threshold) or Percentage: The terminal will prompt for the fixed amounts below a set value, and a percentage once the threshold has been met. Ex. If the transaction is under $20, the user will be prompted for $5, $10, $15. If the transaction is greater than $20 the user will be prompted for 10%, 15%, 20%. The fixed amounts, percentages, and threshold will be set by the business after selecting this option.



In addition to the tips settings that are defined above, pet parents will also see a 'Custom' tip option which will allow them to enter in their own custom tip amount.



The terminal may take several minutes to update and display the tipping options. If for any reason the tipping options are not appearing after 24 hours, please contact our support team.

Once configured, when sending a transaction to the Wise POS E terminal, the pet parent will be prompted for a tip.

How to: Add Gingr Payments as a Payment Method

If you haven't already, you will need to add Gingr Payments as a payment method. To do this, navigate to Admin » Payment Methods

  • If you were previously with CardConnect, you will need to create a new payment method by clicking on the blue button: 
    Turn the status of your precious Card Connect payment method to OFF. 

  • If you are a new customer setting up Gingr Payments, you can edit the Credit Card Payment Method instead of creating a new one by clicking on the pencil icon: 
  • Fill out the applicable fields. For the Type, you can call this "Credit Card", "Gingr Payments", etc. Assign Gingr Payments under Processor. Toggle the Status to ON, and hit Save.


Now your Stripe credit card terminal (WisePOS E) is connected to Gingr Payments and ready for use!


If you run into any issues setting up your Stripe credit card terminal, please contact our Support Team to assist with troubleshooting at



How do I Restart my Wise POS?

Press and hold the power button for 6 seconds to restart the device.



What do I do if the terminal is unable to connect to the internet?

To check connectivity, go to settings, then select WiFi settings. This displays all available WiFi networks. To see more details about the connection, tap on the connected network name.

  • Make sure the network is connected and has internet access.
  • The signal strength is good.
  • The device has an IP address assigned.
  • The subnet matches the one that your application is connected to.

If connected via ethernet chord, you must connect both cables before inserting the reader into the dock. Remove the terminal and re-insert into the dock.



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