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Use this report to generate a breakdown of all voided items by void date and the reason for the void. 


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Report Parameters: 

To access the Voided Items report, navigate to Book Icon » Reports » Voided Items. From this page, you can adjust the following reporting parameters to tailor the report to your needs.


Report Parameters

Setting Description
Voided From Date Select the starting date of the date range when the item(s) were voided.
Voided To Date Select the ending date of the date range when the item(s) were voided.
Locations Choose a location or multiple locations to view results.
Export to Excel? Check this box and click generate to export a CSV file.


Report Output: 

Click on the owner name, animal name, or reservation to be redirected to the corresponding details page. 
 Invoice ID The ID of the associated invoice with voided item(s). User can click the invoice ID link to open the invoice
 Owner Owner associated with invoice
 Item Type Item type that was voided. Will display as: Reservation, Service (for additional services and service add-on's), POS Item (for retail and open line items), Packages (for owner package), Package (for applied package credit), Coupon, or Store Credit
 Item Description Full name of the item how it was originally displayed on the invoice
 Voided Item Amount Full amount of voided item
 Void Reason Reason provided at the time of the void
 Voided At Date and time of the void
 Voided By User who completed the void




Exporting the Report: 

If you'd like to export to a CSV file, check the tick box "Export to Excel?" in the report parameters at the top of the page before selecting the blue Generate Report! button. 



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