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Reviewing Files Uploaded From the Customer Portal (Customer Portal 2.0)

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Overview: What are we talking about?

Pet parents can easily submit their pet's immunization records from the Customer Portal by simply dragging and dropping a scanned PDF or image file of their records. In this article we will show you how customers can upload immunization records, and how the business can then locate the file and update expiration dates accordingly.


This article includes:


Helpful Hint: Before you begin.

  • You can configure user groups to receive a notification when customers upload new files. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Groups and turn on the Notification: New Owner Uploaded File permission.
    • This permission can be local to only locations where the owner has their home location set or can be global, meaning a notification will display at all locations when a customer uploads a file, regardless of their home location. 
    • For more information see our article on App Notifications

  • If there is no immunization record or there is an exception for a record, you must still enter a date in order to save. Optionally write a note to explain the situation or exception.


Video Tutorial: A helpful tour.




How to: Upload Immunization Records in the Customer Portal

  1. Log in to the Customer Portal and click on the left-hand paw print Account or scroll down on the home page and select the paw print Account button. Select the up-arrow cloud icon Upload Records.

  2. On the Upload Records page, you can choose one of three options. Drag & drop the PDF/image onto the up-arrow cloud icon, click/tap on the up-arrow cloud icon and manually select your computer file, or send an email to the designated email address.

    To Upload:


    Once the file is uploaded, a green Success box with checkmark will appear. 


To email:

The customer can click on the blue email button and it will open a new email in their default email program so they can send files directly to their account.




How to: Locate Uploaded Files on the Business Side

  1. Navigate to the customer's Owner Profile page by typing the customer's name into the Search box, and clicking on the name.
  2. Files are listed at the bottom right of the customer's profile page. To view the file, Select Download File from the Actions menu.


  3. To update the Immunization record with new expiration dates, navigate to the animal's profile page by clicking on the animal's name (from the Owner page, Search, or anywhere else in the app), then click on the Immunizations tab.


  4. Enter the Expiration Date and optionally add a Note.
  5. Click Save Changes.

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