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How to Upload Files on the Customer Portal as a Pet Parent (Customer Portal 2.0)

Ryan B.
Ryan B.
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Overview: What are we talking about?

In this article we will show you how you can easily submit your pet's immunization records from the Customer Portal by simply dragging and dropping a scanned PDF or image file of their records.


Video Tutorial: A helpful tour.



How to: Upload Immunization Records in the Customer Portal

  1. Log in to the Customer Portal and click on the left-hand paw print Account button or scroll down on the home page and select the paw print Account button. Select the up-arrow cloud icon Upload Records.

  2. On the Upload Records page, you can choose one of three options. Drag & drop the PDF/image onto the up-arrow cloud icon, click/tap on the up-arrow cloud icon and manually select your computer file, or send an email to the designated email address.

    To Upload:


    Once the file is uploaded, a green Success box with checkmark will appear. 


To email:

Click on the blue email button and a new email will be opened in your default email program to allow you to send files to the facility.


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