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Purchasing Packages on the Customer Portal (Customer Portal 2.0)

Gabi Williams
Gabi Williams
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Overview: What are we talking about?

This article will show you how to purchase packages on the Customer Portal. Packages are pre-paid punch cards that allow a customer to pay for a certain amount of reservations ahead of time. To access the customer portal, the customer will navigate to: and sign-in.


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Helpful Hints

  • Selling packages and subscriptions on the Customer Portal requires that you have integrated Credit Card Processing through CardConnect or Gingr Payments. 
  • You might consider including information about expiration timelines and policies in the Description section of the Package or Subscription settings from Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Packages & Subscriptions

How to: Purchase Packages on the Customer Portal

*Note: This section is only for purchasing standalone packages. For more information on purchasing package subscriptions, proceed to the next section of this article. 
  1. Once logged-in, the customer will navigate to Shop » Shop Packages: 


  2. Click Shop Packages and the packages that have been configured for your Customer Portal will populate here. To view which packages you have enabled in the portal, navigate to Admin » Packages & Subscriptions, and scroll to the right to view the column, "Can Purchase Through Customer Portal."

  3. Customers will then select which package they'd like to add to the cart. You are able to toggle between the Retail and Packages shops throughout this.

  4. A green success message will appear saying "Item Successfully Added" which means this package is now in their cart. Then, click the cart icon in the top right to open the cart details. If the customer has anything else in their cart, the full cart details will be displayed here.


  5. When ready to checkout, they can click the Payment button, which takes them to the final step of this process. Customers with cards on file can click on their card to checkout, or they can add a new card from this page.


  6. If they choose to pay with a new card, the credit card payment box will appear for the customer to input their credit card Information.

  7. They will then click "Use this Card" to save the card details, then click the Checkout button to finalize the transaction. If using the Card on File, they will just click Checkout. 

How to: Purchase Package Subscriptions on the Customer Portal

  1. To enroll in a package subscription, navigate to Shop » Shop Subscriptions.


  2. Click Shop Subscriptions to view the available subscription options. Click on a package subscription to see more information. 


  3. Click the Subscribe button to add the subscription length and active dates. Once this is filled out, click Continue to move on to the payment. 

  4. This page will review your order details, and gives the option to continue shopping or checkout now. If the pet parent does not currently have a card on file, they will be taken to a page to add that card on file. A card on file is required to start a subscription.


  5. If the customer has a card on file, they can click the card to begin their subscription and subscription charges. If they do not have a card on file, they can add this directly from the Payment page, and then charge the new card on file. Those with Gingr Payments set up in their app can have their customers add multiple cards on file to their accounts!



How to: View Package History

How can a customer find out how many package credits they have left?

  1. Log in to the customer account.  

  2. Navigate to the Shop icon » My Packages & Subscriptions. 


  3. Any packages currently active on the customer's profile will display the current number of credits left. You can switch between the Packages and Subscriptions tabs at the top to view standalone packages versus package subscriptions. Screen_Shot_2021-11-23_at_12.34.51_PM.png

  4. Pet parents can also view expired/inactive packages by clicking the filter icon next to the search bar and filtering their search by package status.Screenshot_2023-02-15_at_12.59.27_PM.png

View Package Transaction History

If you would like to see how the package credits were used, you can ask your pet care facility to provide you with a transaction/package credit history.  
Or, you can look at your reservation history via your customer account: 
  1. Login to your customer account.

  2. Navigate to Account » Invoice & Estimates.
    This will open a new page that shows your current customer balance across store credit and open invoices. You will also see invoices and estimates attached to your account. Click on an invoice to see the quick details: 


  3. The invoice pop-up will give a quick overview of the reservation(s), service(s), coupon(s), and package credit(s) used on the invoice. This will also display whether the invoice is Open or Closed. Open means there are outstanding payments yet to be received or refunded, as the total charged versus total paid amounts do not match up.

  4. If you have integrated payments set up via Gingr Payments or CardConnect, there will be a link for customers to pay their open balances directly from these invoice pop-ups. 


Package Settings:

Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Packages & Subscriptions

Setting Description Helpful Hint
Can Purchase Through Customer Portal This setting must be set to yes/on in order for a customer to purchase the package online. If turned off, it will not be available.  



Owner Settings:

If you would like to control which customers can purchase packages themselves, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Owner Form.

  2. Add a new “True/False” field to your owner Form from the right hand Toolbox:

  3. Edit this newly added field:


    And edit as follows:



Field Description Helpful Hint
Display Label This is how the field will display on the Owner form. This can be anything you like, so long as you know what it does when you see it.
Display Description  This will be the description of the field you are adding This would be a good place to make yourself a note as to what the field does.
Field Name This is the technical field name. MUST read "can_purchase_packages"
Options These are the multiple choice options for the field. Make sure to select your default selection, do not change the display text of the Options or add/remove any options.


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