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Overview: What are we talking about?

In Gingr, you can use the Customer Portal to allow your pet parents to engage with your business through an intuitive online or mobile interface. Customers can update their information, request reservations, upload immunizations, purchase packages, apply pre-payments or deposits to estimates, pay outstanding invoices, order retail items, and more.  

The Customer Portal interface was designed with the pet parent in mind, with an intuitive booking workflow that leads them through each step, gives real-time alerts for missing requirements along the way, and promotes the upsell of your service offerings.

The Customer Portal is fully optimized for mobile use, and we are excited to offer a FREE native mobile app that can be downloaded by pet parents from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Your Gingr app will have a unique invite code that can be shared with pet owners to allow them to easily access the portal for your facility within the mobile app.


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How to: Access the Customer Portal

Accessing the Customer Portal via Web Browser

The Customer Portal can be accessed by going to where businessname is replaced with your own business name/custom Gingr URL.

Customers can log in using their existing email address or mobile phone number on file in Gingr, or they can register as a new customer. 

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 2.21.15 PM.png


Video Tutorial:


Accessing the Customer Portal via Mobile App

Clients can download the free mobile app by searching for "Gingr for Pet Parents" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded, they will need to enter a unique invite code specific to your facility in order to access your customer portal through the app. You can find this code by navigating to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Portal Customization. The mobile invite code will only display here after the 'Enable New Pet Parent Portal' setting has been enabled. If you do not wish to promote the use of the mobile app with your pet parents, you are not required to share the invite code with your customers. 

Once a pet parent has downloaded the Gingr for Pet Parents app from the Apple App or Google Play store, they will need to enter the unique invite code provided by your facility and then tap Continue. If they are a client with access to the customer portal at more than one pet-care facility, they will have the ability to use the mobile app for each one as long as they have the unique invite code from each business.



After the invite code has been entered successfully, the pet parent will be immediately taken to the portal's login page where they can sign in using the email address or phone number that they have on file with the facility. If they do not already have a customer portal account, they can create one from this page by choosing the "Sign Up" button.

On subsequent uses of the app, the client will tap on the name of the facility and then enter their login credentials. If they have provided an invite code for more than one facility, they will see each one listed and can choose the applicable one as needed. 




Video Tutorial:



How to: Use the Portal From the Customer View

To view the Customer Portal from the pet parent's point of view, navigate to where businessname is replaced with your own business name/custom Gingr URL. From here, you can sign in with an existing test account or register a new customer account for testing purposes.


What can customers do on the customer portal?

  • View and edit their contact information and pet profile, as well as add new pets.
  • Make reservation requests.
  • View and pay any estimates, deposits, or outstanding invoices (requires one of our integrated payment solutions).
  • Upload files such as immunization records.
  • View past and future reservations, as well as cancel reservations and confirm reservations after you've asked for confirmation.
  • Sign Agreements for your business.
  • Add or remove credit cards on file.
    • Customers cannot remove a card on file if their pet is currently checked in.
  • Manage their communication opt-out preferences (email and SMS).
  • Purchase Store Credit, Packages, and Retail.
  • View any photos and/or videos you've attached to their pet's report cards.
  • View your public or lodging-specific webcams (if you have this integration set up).



What can customers see on the customer portal?

In addition to what is listed above, customers can see some of the same things that you can see on the business side.

  • Owner and Animal Form fields on their profiles that are not set to Business Only.
    • For more information on determining which fields are shown on the customer portal and which are not, please visit our articles here on Owner Forms and Animal Forms.
  • Expired Immunization information.
  • Account Balances.
  • Remaining credits left on packages (punch-card/multi-day pass) and current package subscriptions.
  • A notification center will easily alert pet parents of expiring vaccines, unpaid deposits, and unpaid invoices.


What is hidden from pet parents on the customer portal?

These are things that the customer can NOT see from their side of the app.

  • Employee Notes from both the Animal and Owner profile.
  • Incident reports.
  • Custom Icons associated with their pet.
  • Report Cards that have not yet been sent.

How to: Request User Account Deletion

Requesting Account Deletion by Lead Form
Customers are able to initiate account deletions to be completed by the facility. The account deletion request is submitted as a specific Lead Form and can be found in the Leads Report when the "Delete Owner Account" form type is selected.

This Account Deletion Lead Form is not visible on the business side to be edited and the customer will have to login in order to submit the request. The form is found under Account >> Manage account page and under the Owners' information is the Delete My Account. Once selected it will bring them to another page to confirm. 
When the customer clicks "Delete my account", there is a green success message stating “Request sent for review! Your request has been sent to the facility" and the business will get a notification.

If it is unsuccessful, there will be an error message “Please try again. An error occurred while submitting your form” and they should notify the business. 

Here is a recording of what actions your customer can take:

Large GIF (1398x646).gif


How to: Use the Contact Us Lead Form

Lead Form Submission
Customers can see the facility's contact information and submit a Lead Form directly to the facility using the Contact Facility button. Note: your facility must have a Contact Us Lead Form active and it should not be deleted. This form can be customized from Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Lead Forms. 

Due to data privacy regulations, your Customer Portal is required to have a Contact Us button on the homepage of the Customer Portal. This is to allow customers to directly request the deletion of their accounts without logging in and/or to request other assistance. Please see our article on Managing Owner Accounts for more information about deleting and disabling owner accounts. 

Here is the manner in which a customer can submit a Contact Us form for general inquiries or to request account deletion from the home page of the Customer Portal:

Portal request delete account from lead form.gif

This same Contact Us Lead Form is available via More » Contact Us. Additionally, once a customer submits this form you will see this on the Leads Report. Facilities can optionally configure email alerts and/or the Group Notification "New Lead Received" to ensure users are alerted when customers fill out these forms. For more information see our article on Contact Us & Lead Forms

Here is where this form is accessed after logging into the app:

Large GIF (1400x646).gif


If you have any questions about what customers can do or see on the customer portal please reach out to our Support Team.

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