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Overview: What are we talking about?

A new redesigned version of the New Appointment page is available effective June 2022. This article will walk you through the updated workflow of the redesigned New Appointment page and provide training on the new and exciting features that have been added!


The redesigned New Appointment workflow was built to better facilitate a smooth conversation with a pet parent while booking an appointment. Additionally, the new workflow presents more data and options for the user to review during the appointment booking process, making it faster with fewer clicks. 


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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • The redesigned New Appointment page workflow will be an opt-in experience for a period of time.

  • Any Admin user will be able to enable the new page, and once they enable it, the new page will be enabled for every user in the app, across all locations. Please review the additional details on this below.


Video Tutorial: An Overview of the Redesigned New Appointment Page


What's New?: Let's get started!  

Select pet(s) first! 

While this is a small change in the workflow, it is huge when it comes to aligning the workflow with the conversation that you are having with Pet Parents.




Create a new customer record on the fly!

You can now create a new owner and animal directly from the New Appointment Page. 




Easily view Owner and Pet details!

We have added more details about the Owner and Pet for you to review while booking an appointment. This allows you to easily view crucial details about the pet that you are booking for. This includes the pet photo, which can be highly valuable when booking services such as grooming.




View Specialists By First Available! 

You are able to view the first specialist available for a service to get Pet Parents an appointment as soon as possible using the Display By First Available toggle!

Upon selecting a specialist from the ranked order, the date of the first available appointment for the selected specialist will display and their schedule for that day will appear on the right. If you want to book with a specific specialist, then toggle the Display By First Available setting to the off position before clicking on the specialist menu.



Book times for slot-based services!

You can now select a time for the reservation when booking slot-based services instead of having the reservation say 12:00am as the start and end time. This can only be done from the New Appointment page.  ML2e7HQemp.gif


See last booked Specialist!

A lot of Pet Parents like to book with the same specialist over and over again, so you can now quickly see which specialist the pet was last booked with!

We have added this feature to both the New Appointment page and to the workflow when adding an appointment to a Daycare or Boarding reservation!




Book from History! 

You can now book directly from the pet's history! When you select the 'Add from History' button, you will be able to select from that pet's 3 most recent appointments and seamlessly rebook the same appointment including service type, specialist, add-ons,  service price, duration, and service notes! After selecting the previous appointment that you would like to rebook, all you need to do is select the appointment date and time. 




Easily Re-Book from Appointment Card!

You can now re-book appointments from the pets appointment card! When selecting Re-Book from the Appointment Card, you’re redirected to the New Appointment Page with the essential details - pet, service category, service, and specialist - preselect. All you need to do is select a date and time for the new appointment.




Add Daycare to Grooming!

It's now fast and easy to add Daycare to a Grooming appointment! Simply select the Daycare reservation type that you would like to book that pet for, and Gingr will automatically adjust the main reservation type of the booking to Daycare with the appointment attached. 

Helpful Hint! 

The options that appear here will be any reservation types that are assigned to the Daycare Booking Category in your app. To learn more about managing Booking Categories, click here!




Easily View and Edit Appointments from the New Facility Calendar!

Once an appointment has been scheduled you can easily view, reschedule, and edit that and other appointments on the New Facility Calendar! To learn more about the New Facility Calendar, click here




Enable the Redesigned New Appointment Page: Let's make it active!

Upon release, the redesigned New Appointment Page will be an opt-in experience. When first loading the page, any Admin users in your Gingr app will have an option at the top right to 'Use New Version.'

Please be aware that once the new version is enabled by an Admin, this will update the workflow for all users within the app, across all locations.



If needed, you can revert back to the legacy workflow by having an Admin select the 'Use Old Version' button in the top right corner. 




Check it out!: New Appointment-Focused Reports

This release also comes with a handful of new Appointment focused reports to help provide you with better insight into your Appointment performance. For more information, check out these articles: 

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