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Overview: What are we talking about?

The Appointment Rebooking Report provides a breakdown of appointments in a select timeframe and whether or not the customer booked another appointment. 

Grooming businesses often like to keep their clients on a schedule in which their next appointment is booked prior to or at the completion of their current appointment. This ensures that the pet is being groomed on a regular basis and that the business is building and maintaining its clientele. Having a report that provides this information is critical to clientele-building activities so that they can easily communicate with customers who have not booked their next appointment(s).

As part of Gingr's partnership with Joe Zuccarello, owner of Paragon Dog Grooming and an expert in business management for pet care businesses, we help connect businesses with this expert to best utilize this report and others like it. Joe can assist in setting performance goals as well as provide guidance on reaching those goals. To find out more and to get connected with Joe please click the "Talk to an Expert" button at the top of the report or visit our webpage about this partnership


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Helpful Hints

  • This report is designed for past reporting. The dates selected in the report should be in the past or the current date only. It cannot be used to forecast performance. You can select one or multiple specialists and appointment types. This report is run for a selected date range, one location at a time. 

Report Parameters: 

To access the Rebooking Report, navigate to Book Icon » Reports » Appointment Rebooking Report. From this page, you can adjust the following reporting parameters to tailor the report to your needs:


Report Parameters

From Starting date for the report. This must be a past or current date. This report is run for a maximum for 30 days at a time
To End date for the report. This must be a past or current date
Location Location you are running the report for. This report is run one location at a time
Choose Specialist

Optionally, select Specialist(s). If no Specialists are selected, the report will be run for all Specialists

Appointment Type(s) Optionally, select Appointment Type(s). If no Appointment Types are selected, the report will be run for all Appointment Types
Only include pets with no next appointment of same type booked?
Selecting this check box will restrict the results to only appointments that were not rebooked with the same appointment type
Export to Excel? Check this box to export the report results to Excel




Report Output: 

The following information is displayed once you click to generate the report. The pet name, owner name, service, and specialist columns can be sorted alphanumerically by clicking on the column header. Each appointment column header can be clicked to sort chronologically. 

Percentage of Appointments with Next Appointment of Same Type Booked Percentage of appointments with an upcoming appointment of the same type booked out of the date range selected in the parameters
Percentage of Appointments Rebooked on Same Day as Last Appointment Percentage of appointments that were rebooked with the same appointment type on the same day as the last appointment was completed
Pet Name Name and icons (including custom icons, immunizations, appointment cards, and employee notes) for the animal that has an appointment in the selected timeframe. You can click the pet's name to be directed to their profile
Owner Name Name and icons for the owner associated with the given appointment. You can click the owner's name to be directed to their profile
Service Type Appointment type the pet completed
Specialist The specialist that completed the previous appointment
Appointment Scheduled At The start date and time of the previous appointment. Click this to be redirected to the reservation details page
Next Appointment Scheduled At The start date and time of the rebooked appointment as well as the reservation creation date and user stamp. Click this to be redirected to the reservation details page



Exporting & Printing the Report 

If you'd like to export to a CSV file, check the tick box "Export to Excel?" in the report parameters at the top of the page before selecting the blue "Generate Report!" button. 

After the report parameters have been set and you generate the report, you can select "Print PDF" with the green button at the bottom of the report parameters. 



Adding Report Results to a Marketing Campaign

After running this report, you will see the option to "Add to Campaign" at the top of the results. This button allows you to target the customers on the report for a marketing campaign. For more information about marketing campaigns and custom groups please see these articles:


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