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Overview: What are we talking about?

The Owner’s Communication Tab is the central hub for all communications regarding a specific Owner. This tab is on all Owner profiles and contains a comprehensive list of all texts, calls, and emails sent through Gingr. You can use this tab to view SMS message (including System and 2-Way), Inbound Call Logs, Outbound Call Logs, Emails, Marketing Campaigns, Checkout Surveys, and Lead Forms. You can also create new communications with the Owner directly from this tab.  

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin

  • The Communications tab contains all communications within the last 90 days. If you need to access entries older than this, please reach out to Gingr Customer Support by submitting a ticket to support@gingrapp.com or by clicking the ? icon on the top right of the app banner and select Get Support

  • All Gingr users can view the Owner Communications tab. However, users without the User Group Permission "Can View Client Information" cannot view Owner phone numbers or email addresses. You can configure this permission from the Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Groups. 

  • The Communications table does not immediately update once a new SMS, email, or call is completed. Users can expect an update approximately every 5 minutes.

Video Tutorial: An Overview of the Communications Tab

How to: View the Communications Tab

  1. Navigate to the Owner Profile.

  2. Click on the Communications tab.

  3. You will see a chronological list of all emails and SMS your business has had with the customer. 

    • Categories included are: SMS, Call Log - Inbound, Call Log - Outbound, Email, Marketing Campaign, Checkout Survey, and Lead Forms.

    • There are up to 100 entries on the initial load. 



How to: Filter the Communications Tab

  1. From the Communications tab, click on the Filter Icon for a column header. 

  2. Input your desired filter parameter (i.e. SMS Category, Sent at 01/01/2022) and select Contains, Not contains, Equals, Not equal, Starts with, or Ends with. Each column can have two filters at once - in order to access the second filter input, the first filter input must be completed. You can also filter by multiple columns at once. 

    • i.e. if you enter equals 08/03/2022 as well as input OR equals 07/25/2022, you will get results from both dates. 

    • If you filter by Category in addition, you will see only the selected category on those dates. 

  3. If you wish to remove all filters, click the blue button above the list that says Remove All Filters.

How to: Sort the Communications Tab

By default, the Communications list will sort chronologically by the Sent At column. However, you can sort by any column. 

  1. From the Communications tab, click on the column you wish to sort by.

  2. Click once on a column header to sort the entire table alphabetically by the column you clicked.

  3. Click a second time on the same column header to sort the entire table reverse alphabetically by the column you clicked.

  4. Click a third time on the same column header to undo the sort on the Communications list.

  5. If you click on a different column header it will remove the previous sort and apply an alphabetical sort for the entire table by the newly clicked header column.

How to: Use the Action Buttons

There are several actions you can take from this tab relating to communicating with the customer. You can send text messages or emails, create call records, add them to marketing campaigns, and be redirected to the Call Log Report. 


  • New SMS: opens the 2-Way SMS chat box for the specific owner. For more information see our article on 2-Way SMS.  


  • New Email: opens a pop-up where you can send Canned or custom emails to the owner's address on file. 


  • New Call Record: opens a popup where you can enter details of a call with the customer. For more information see our article about Call Logs


  • Add to Campaign: opens a popup with all your existing campaigns. You can select one or more campaigns to add the owner to. You can also create a new campaign from this module. For more information, see our articles on SMS Marketing and Email Marketing Campaigns


  • Call Log Report: clicking this will forward you to the Call Log Report. 


How to: View Message Stats

From the Communications tab, you can expand a section to display statistics on your email communications with this owner. Click the Message Stats button to view the total number of emails sent, as well as the number and percent of emails Delivered, Opened, Clicked, and Bounced. 


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