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The Ingenico Lane/5000 is a customer-facing, color touchscreen device that features signature capture and supports MSR (magnetic stripe), EMV (chip), and NFC (contactless) payments. Connected to the cloud-based terminal service via a wired Ethernet connection, the device protects your transactions with a powerful combination of EMV technology and point-to-point encryption (P2PE), making each transaction secure and PCI compliant.

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Setting up the Device:

What's in the Box?

  • Ingenico Lane/5000 terminal
  • Ingenico Multipoint Interface Cable
  • Ingenico power supply
  • Ingenico stylus

Setting Up the Device

  1. Once your equipment is unboxed, plug the power supply connector into the jack on the Multipoint Interface Cable.
  2. Connect the Multipoint Interface Cable into the Multipoint Port on the underside of the terminal.
  3. Connect the other end of the Multipoint Interface Cable to an Ethernet port (router, modem, wall jack, etc.).
  4. Plug the power supply adapter into an available power outlet.
  5. Optionally, attach the stylus to the device, using the provided two-sided tape.

Connecting the Device

  1. Once power is supplied to the terminal, the initialization process begins.
  2. Once the terminal has successfully established its IP Address, it will attempt to call the terminal service.
    - If the connection is successful, the terminal device displays Connected.
    - If the connection is unsuccessful, the terminal device displays Disconnected. Contact CardPointe support for assistance.
  3. Once Connected, the device is ready for use. The device may be left on indefinitely or may be disconnected from power as necessary.

Entering Text Using the Multi-Tap Method

Certain aspects of setup and configuration will require you to input characters using the keypad.

Each number key also represents a set of letters that can be entered with that key, if pressed more than once. The first key press will enter the number, while pressing the key multiple times will enter one of the letters associated with that number key.

For example:

  • Press 2 once to enter the number 2.
  • Press 2 twice to enter a lowercase a.
  • Press 2 three times to enter a lowercase b.
  • Press 2 four times to enter a lowercase c.
  • Press 2 five times to enter a capital A.
  • Press 2 six times to enter a capital B.
  • Press 2 seven times to enter a capital C.

Accessing the Admin Menu

The Admin Menu provides you access to the Settings, Configuration, and Restart Terminal options.

To access the Admin Menu, do the following:

  1. Press F and enter the default password of CCMerchant using the multi-tap method.
  2. Press O (green button) to confirm the password and access the Admin Menu.

Navigating the Menu

  1. Press the down arrow to scroll down.
  2. Press the up arrow to scroll up.
  3. Press O (green button) to select.
  4. Press < (yellow button) to clear.
  5. Press X (red button) to cancel or return to the main menu.

Configure Device Settings:

There are a few preferences that you can indicate for your terminals, including whether to prompt the customer for the total and to take a signature. To set these preferences, in the Gingr app navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin ยป Credit Card Processing.

Setting Description Helpful Hint
Name Give this terminal a name. This will display in the payment window when checking out. If you have more than one terminal, remove any confusion between the two by giving them names based on their location. i.e. 'Reception' and 'Curbside'
Status If enabled, this setting displays your terminal as an option when checking out in the cart. Do not adjust this setting unless you are retiring a terminal or have returned the terminal. 
Do beep Should the terminal beep when the customer should remove their card?  
Allow Pin Debit If enabled, customers using debit cards will be prompted to input their PIN number.   
Collect Signature If enabled, the terminal will prompt for a signature using the provided stylus.  
Prompt Total If enabled, the terminal will ask the customer to confirm their total prior to inserting their card. If you are collecting tips, it will ask the customer to confirm their total 2x with this setting enabled. 
Custom Tip Amount If enabled, customers can enter their own tip amount rather than selecting a pre-determined percentage.  
Show Tip Bubbles If enabled, the pre-determined tip amounts will show as options.

Input pre-determined tip percentages under Admin > Credit Card Processing.

Charge Card on Terminal Authorizes and charges cards on terminal.

Required for Clover. NOT required for any Ingenico device.

Troubleshooting the Device:

Restarting the Lane/5000

You can restart your terminal using either of the following methods:

  1. To perform a soft reboot, Access the Admin Menu and select the Restart Terminal option.
  2. To perform a hard reboot, press and hold the .,#* key and < (yellow key) simultaneously until the device powers off.

Device Disconnected

  1. Verify that you are using the provided multi-point mono connector (Ethernet) cable and power supply. The power supply plugs into the splitter on the Ingenico multi-point mono connector cable.
  2. Verify that the Ethernet jack on the multi-point mono connector cable is plugged securely into your router, modem, networking switch, or Ethernet wall jack.
  3. Verify that your device was obtained from Gingr through our Terminal Order Form. Devices purchased from a third party will not be able to integrate into Gingr. 
  4. Consult with your IT administrator to verify that the Ethernet port being used has access to the Internet, and that your internal network allows CardPointe Integrated Terminal connections. This will ensure that a firewall is not blocking the connection.

Device Connected but Unable to Connect to Application

  1. If you followed the steps above to set up your terminal and the device still will not connect, contact Gingr Support

Device Restarting Unexpectedly

The most common cause for a device restarting during the day is the result of an inaccurate time setting on the device. Devices are configured to automatically restart at 4 AM local time. To update your time settings, follow the steps below.

  1. Access the CardPointe Integrated Terminal menu.
  2. Scroll down to Date and Time.
  3. Press O (green button) to access Date and Time settings.
  4. Enter the current date using the device number pad.
  5. Scroll down to the time.
  6. Enter the current time in 24-hour format, using the device number pad.
  7. Press O (green button) to save your settings.

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