Gingr has a customer portal where your customers can request reservations, update their contact info, put credit cards on file and more! Please read below to learn how you to link to your customer portal from your business's website. 

There are 2 ways to add links to the customer portal to your website:

Note: You can also embed these URLs (web addresses) into buttons or display text, though we do not provide code to do so. In most website editors, creating buttons and linking text to a URL is very easy. If you do not manage your own website, please ask the person who does.

Important!: the URLs shown below are generalized examples. You will need to replace yourbusiness with the name of your business as it appears in your Gingr URL. For example: or

  1. Link to the main Customer landing page: This page asks people whether they are an existing customer or a new customer and directs them to the correct place, to either create a new account (register) or login.  The link to this page is: 

  2. Provide separate links to the customer login page and the registration form:
    • Link to Customer Login page: 
      This is for customers who already have profiles in your Gingr app.

    • Link to Registration Form:
      This is for customers who are not yet in your Gingr app.