If your customer has previously been able to login to their account, but can't now, it is likely they are entering either their email address or password incorrectly. (If you have recently started using Gingr, scroll down.)

Verify Email Address:

Go to the their Owner Profile anywhere in the app and find the email address they have on file. Verify with them that that is the email address they are attempting to login with and that they are spelling it correctly. 

Reset Password: 

If they are using the correct email address to login, it is possible they are using the wrong password. They can reset their password from the customer login page. After clicking the Forgot Password? button, they will enter their email address and be sent an email to complete the password reset process.

If your customer still cannot login after following the above steps, please contact us.

If you have recently started using Gingr:

If you have recently started using Gingr and your existing customer is not able to login to Gingr, it may be because they did not previously have an email address on file.  When they try to login, they will be asked to contact you.  

When they contact you, you can update their email address by clicking their name from anywhere in the app to go to their Owner page. From the Owner page, click the Edit Owner button to enter an email address for them.

Remember to save your changes. Once your customer has an email address on file, they may complete their Gingr registration process by going to http://your_business.gingrapp.com/customer and clicking on the blue 'current customer' button.  (You may also have a customer portal link on your own website.)

Your customer will enter their email address and be sent an email directing them to complete their registration by creating a password. Upon creating their password, they will be immediately logged in to their account.