Managing your employees' access to Gingr is critical just like with any other piece of software. While we provide all the tools to help you keep your data secure, it's up to you to make sure you have proper procedures in place.

Note: This article is intended for those in the Admin user group.

Important!: Gingr does not allow the deletion of user accounts, because doing so would negatively impact your records. Terminated employees' user accounts should instead be deactivated.  

When an employee leaves your company:

  1. Be sure to immediately disable their access to Gingr.

    • You'll want to Disable that employee's account. Navigate to Left Navigation > Reports & More > Users, locate the user account, then click the Active button in the Status column. This will immediately de-activate the user's account and log them out of any session they currently have open. Once deactivated, you will see this button beside their user account info:

    • You may also want to clear all logged-in sessions. Navigate to Left Navigation > Admin > Search Admin Items: Logout All Sessions. All logged in users, including you, will be immediately logged out.

  2. Think about other software they may have access to:

    • Facebook
    • Email
    • Website
    • Mailchimp
    • Webcams, etc..

Prevent Data Loss:
  • Gingr has many permissions that you can configure on a per-employee basis. It's a good idea to give employees the least amount of information possible to complete their job.

  • Perform regular backups! Gingr allows you to back up your entire database in 1 click. Navigate to  Left Navigation > Admin > Search Admin Items: Backup Your Database.

  • Restrict employees to your facility's IP address. You can configure users so that they may only access Gingr from your facility's IP address. Navigate to Left Navigation > Reports & More > Groups. Enter the only IP address that you wish to allow this user group to access Gingr on.


  • Keep employees responsible. Each employee should have their own account in Gingr.

  • Reservation deletion = notification. When anyone deletes a reservation in Gingr, all Admins are notified. Notifications can be optionally text messaged to your phone.

Important!: Gingr backs up your database 3 times per day to prevent data loss. However, restoring from these backups can take up to 2 hours to complete. If you ever need us to restore your database to a prior point in time, it is possible to do. Keep in mind that this is a last resort. If this happens repeatedly, we reserve the right to charge an hourly fee to complete a restoration.