If the times are wrong in your time pickers on your New or Edit Reservation page, please check the below settings.

Default Start and End Times:

The range of times displayed in the time pickers on your New Reservation (and Edit Reservation) page are controlled by your default start time and default end time settings, which are configured at Left Navigation > Admin > Search Admin Items: System-Wide Settings  The times in the time pickers are also affected by the configured time zone at Left Navigation > Admin > Search Admin Items: System-Wide Settings and/or the time zone setting at Left Navigation > Admin > Search Admin Items: Locations > Edit Location.

Note: Some times in your time pickers may be grayed out so you cannot select them. Please see Hours of Operation and Override Hours of Operation below.

Hours of Operation:

Hours of Operation settings control the times you and customers are allowed to pick within the range in the time pickers. These settings are per reservation type and per day of week.

For more information on Hours of Operation, please see here: Setting Up Hours of Operation

Override Hours of Operation:

If a user is in a user group that has the Can Override Hours of Operation setting turned on, they have the ability to override the Hours of Operation settings on the New Reservation and Edit Reservation page.

For more information on User Permissions and User Groups, please see here: User Permissions