The Owner Debt Report allows you to see who owes you money and helps you collect it. The Owner Debt Report will show you:

  • Quick access to who owes you money and their contact info. 
  • It also shows you how many reservations a customer has had and when the last one was, so you can use your discretion about whether you want to bug them right now about a few (or a few hundred) dollars.  

Using the Owner Debt Report:

1. Navigate to the Left Navigation > Reports & More > Reports > Search Reports: Owner Debt Report

Note: This report is only viewable to those with the user  permissions access financial reports turned on. 

2. Click the customer's name to go to their page and view all of their transactions under their transactions tab.

Tip: use control-click on a Mac or right click on a PC to open that page in a new tab

• You can print customer's statement and mail it to them, by clicking on Print Statement.

• If a customer asks you for itemized receipts, you can find those under the transaction tab on their owner page. Use the POS Transaction numbers as a reference.  (To learn more about ID numbers in Gingr, go here: All about ID Numbers)

• If you store credit cards on file (requires an integrated payment solution), and the indebted owner has a card on file, it will be indicated on the Owner Debt Report. At your discretion, you can charge an owner's balance to their card. To do that, navigate to the owner's page and click the Add to Cart button next to their balance. Once in the cart, hit the check out button. When you choose the appropriate payment method, you will be allowed to charge the total to their card on file.