In this article we will show you how to manually add or deduct package credits to/from an owner's account. Generally, adding package credits is only done if you are transferring package credits to Gingr from your old system, or if you want to comp a customer an arbitrary amount of package credits.  

Note: Only users with the can assign package credits and can deduct/ refund package credits user permissions enabled can perform these actions.

Important!: Deducting credits should only happen in very rare cases.

Manually Adding Package Credits:

Important!: Using this method of adding package credits to a customer's account, you will not be able to take payment for the credits or apply on-account credit.

  1. Navigate to Left Navigation > Point of Sale > Sell Retail & Packages.

  2. Click the Manual Owner Packages button.

  3. Fill out the Manual Packages short form:

    •Select the owner who will receive package credits.
    •Select the package type.
    •Enter the quantity of credits you want to give them from that package type.
    •Enter or edit the number of subscription days (the package credits will expire after that many days).
    •Enter a description.
    •Click the Create Package button.

  4. The credits will now be available on the owner's account! To verify this, you can navigate to the owner's profile page to see the customer's package credits balance.

Manually Deducting Package Credits:

  1. Navigate to Left Navigation > Point of Sale > Sell Retail & Packages.

  2. Click the Deduct Package Credits button.

  3. Select the correct owner (careful here!).

  4. The owner's currently held package credits will appear. Edit the number of credits as needed in the Should Be fields.

  5. Click the Deduct Package Credits button to complete the deduction.

Note: You can also navigate to this page via the Owner's profile page by clicking the Deduct Package Credits button.