In Gingr, you can easily issue full or partial refunds on retail items, packages, services, or account credits. This can be done from the owner's profile or from the completed transactions page. 

From the owner's profile page: Owner's Profile > Transactions Tab

From the Completed Transactions Page: Left Navigation > Point of Sale > Completed Transactions

Note: Processing returns and refunds requires that the user permission process returns is turned on for the user.

Video Tutorial: Refunds and Returns

 Refunding a Retail Item, Package, or Service:

Refunds can be issued from the owner's profile page, or the completed transactions page.

  1. Locate the POS Transaction and click on the POS Transaction button for the transaction containing the items you wish to refund.
Owner Profile:
Completed Transaction page:

 2. Select the item(s) you would like to refund by ticking the refund items button to the left of that item. Once you have selected an item to refund, a $ Refund Items button will appear at the top of the receipt.

3. Click $ Refund Items button. The Refund Items pop up will appear.

•  Enter the Refund Amount you wish to issue to the customer.
•  Select Return to Inventory if it is a retail item that you would like to re-add to your sellable retail items inventory list.
•  Select a Refund Reason to keep track of reasons items have been refunded or returned. 
•  Select the Refund Payment Method. The original payment method will be automatically selected. You may choose to refund via a different payment method. 

Important!: Credit Card refunds: if you use Gingr's integrated credit card processing, the credit card used for payment in the original transaction will be refunded automatically.  If you do NOT use our credit card processing, you will have to refund the customer's credit card through your credit card processor.

Important!: Exchanges and Credit on Account: if the customer wants to be refunded and buy something else, you can choose the No Payment payment method, which will apply the refunded amount as credit on their account. That credit can be used later to purchase other items or services.

   4. Click Process Refund! button to complete refund. Items can only be refunded once so be sure all information is correct before processing.