Photos and videos that have been added to report cards can easily be shared to Facebook.

Adding Photos and Videos to Facebook:

  1. While logged into Gingr, open Facebok in another tab and login.

    Important!: Gingr will share photos to the Timeline of the account you are using Facebook as.  I.e. if you are logged into your personal account, it will post to your Timeline. If you are using Facebook as your business, it will post to your business's Timeline.  To post to your business's Timeline, you must have permission to do so from the Facebook page's Administrator.

  2. In Gingr, navigate to the heart icon in the left navigation menu, then select Share Files 

  3. On the Share Files page, click the Share to Facebook button to share a photo to Facebook!

  4. Your browser will open a little pop-up window that allows you to add text to the post and set your privacy preferences. Click the Share button in that window and you're done! Your photo is posted to Facebook!

Opting Out of Facebook Photo/Video Sharing:

Customers can opt out of having their pet's photos and videos shared on Facebook. To opt a customer out yourself, at their request, navigate to that owner's page and click the Edit Owner button toward the top of the page. On the edit page, toggle Opt out photo sharing to Yes/On.

Note: For a customer to opt themselves out, they will login to their side of the app and navigate to Communications Preferences, under the My Account tab.

Then deselect Report Card Photo/Video Sharing, then click Save Settings.