For deceased pets, we recommend using the Deactivated designation and annotating the pet's name to indicate that they are deceased. Eg. Daisy: DECEASED

Note: Some places in the app will use the term Banned in pace of Deactivated. Banned is the old word for Deactivated in the app, and will eventually be updated in all places.

Important!: Banned/De-activated animals will no longer show up on the customer side of the app and all future reservations for this animal will be canceled.  Also, vaccination reminder emails will no longer be sent for this animal.

These animals can still be found on the employee side of the app (for record-keeping purposes), but reservations cannot be made for them.  They will not show up in the regular search at the top of the app, but can only be found by searching the View All Animals report Left Navigation > Reports & More > Search Reports: View All Animals. This is a superior solution to deleting the animal, because, by marking the animal as 'banned,' you get to keep all past records of this animal's reservations, etc.

  1. Navigate to the page of the deceased pet and click Edit Animal.

  2. Edit the pet's name to say DECEASED. Ex: "Daisy DECEASED

  3. Scroll down and locate the Deactivated field. Set it to Yes.

  4. Click the Save button to finish.