A deposit is a portion of a reservation paid in prior to check in. This payment can then be applied to the reservation upon check out. This article will cover: 

  • Collecting Deposits from the Business Side
    • Automatically Required Deposits
    • Manually Attached Deposits
    • Deposits Page
  • Collecting Deposits from the Customer Portal

View full article on Setting up Deposits and Deposit Settings: Setting up Deposits

Collecting Deposits from Business Side: 

Automatically Required Deposits

If you have setup required deposits or a specific type of reservation for a specified date range, a prompt will appear to pay the deposit when the new reservation is created from the New Reservation Page.

Manually Attached Deposits

Deposits can be manually attached to any reservation. To attach a deposit, click on the Create Deposit button on the Estimate. To turn on/off this option navigate to: Admin > Search Admin Items: System Wide Settings > Allow Deposit on Any Reservation. 


You will then be prompted to select the percentage of the total that will be paid with this deposit:


Deposits Page

Left Navigation > Reservations > Deposits > Outstanding Deposits > Actions Menu > Collect Deposit.

After collecting a deposit, if that customer has additional unpaid deposits, you will be prompted to collect those as well.

Note: Deposit information can also be found on the owner details and reservation details pages.

Important!: There is no email sent to the customer for this action. You may view and print a receipt.

Customer Paid Deposits:

If your business is using Gingr's integrated credit card processing, your customers will be able to pay for deposits from the Customer Portal. When a reservation is requested that requires a deposit, they will be prompted to click on a link to pay for the deposit online with a credit card.

Customer Portal deposit payment page

Deposit Emails: 

If a deposit is unpaid, the following automated communications can optionally be sent to the customer: 

To view and edit deposit settings navigate to Admin > System Wide Settings. See this article for a list of all deposit settings

  • New Deposit Email - When a deposit request is created, an email can be automatically sent to the customer, informing them that they must pay a deposit. 
  • Daily Deposit Email - If a deposit is unpaid, an optional daily email can be sent to remind the customer to pay the deposit.