If you ever encounter this Error 404 page when trying to view a POS Transaction receipt... 

...or you see a transaction listed on the View Pending Transactions page...

...or you get a message from the system telling you you can't process any further transactions until you handle a pending transaction...

...it is because you have a transaction that has not been fully processed yet. It is Pending. The transaction amount has been authorized by the customer's bank (the customer has enough money in their account), but the transaction was interrupted before being completed

This can happen for a few reasons: 

  • Internet connection interruption
  • Navigating away from the e-signature page
  • Accidentally refreshing e-signature page

Important!: To avoid double-charging your customer, BEFORE trying to complete this transaction, look within the Owner's page > Transactions tab to confirm the transaction wasn't run more than once and went through one of the times it was run. 

If a duplicate transaction has already been completed (same transaction amount, same date) and one is still "Pending," you will need to delete the Pending Transaction (Left Navigation > Point of Sale > Pending Transactions) instead of completing it.

We will first look at what went wrong step-by-step, then we will correct it: 

What went wrong: 

  1. Our customer Jules Lamar is Checking out in the Shopping Cart

  2. Awaiting Signature Capture box will appear. Clicking on the Cloud icon will push the signature to the tablet. 

  3. The Customer then gets the option to add a tip and then sign. 

  4. Customer chooses a tip and the signature dialogue box appears. 

  5. Oops! Something went wrong and the transaction did not complete. 

Let's fix it 

  1. First confirm the transaction didn't go through another time: 

    Search for Customer/Owner page Transactions tab > look for the Transaction > click on the POS Transaction button. 

    If two (or more) identical transactions (same credit/debit amounts on the same date, near the same time) appear, click on the POS Transaction button for each transaction. If a receipt appears on one of them, the transaction has completed. In the below Transaction History, we see only one instance of the particular transaction. 

    Note: If a receipt does appear, read below this section for instructions on how to delete the duplicated Pending Transaction.

    When clicking on the POS Transaction button for this transaction, we are sent to the Error 404 page. That means this transaction is Pending.

  2. Navigate to the Pending Transactions Page on the Left Navigation > Point of Sale > View Pending Transactions.

    Here we can see that the transaction is listed under Pending Transactions. 

    As we mentioned before, IF there was a duplicated transaction, and one has been completed but one is still pending, simply click the red 'x' button to delete the pending duplicate. 

  3. Let's finish the transaction now

    • If the customer is present, simply push the Cloud icon next to the red "x" (see above screenshot) to push the transaction to the e-signature page on the tablet.
    • If the customer is not present, you can complete the transaction from the Pending Transactions page.  
      • Click the check mark 'capture without signature' button.

    • Click OK to complete the transaction, or Cancel if you do not wish to continue.

    • Alternatively you can click the Cloud icon to push the transaction to the e-signature page, and write CNP (Card Not Present) in the signature field and complete transaction as normal. Click here to read our full article on Card Not Present transactions. 

      Note: Do not write the customer's name (or forge their signature) in this field, as that is legally impersonating the customer.

  4. Transaction confirmation screen appears.

  5. Navigate back to the Completed Transactions page to make sure transaction has gone through. 

    As we see below, the transaction for Jules Lamar is now listed as Complete.