Location Default Rates are the standard base rates for services that you offer. These default rates are set up per location. At Gingr, we understand that pricing isn't always that simple, and we have come up with some great ways of dealing with special pricing. First, set up your default rates, then later you can set up pricing rules and coupons to capture any special pricing you want to offer.

Note: Only users in the Admin User Group can set up location default rates.

Video Tutorial: Setting up Location Default Rates

Setting Up Location Default Rates:

  1. Navigate to Left Navigation > Admin > Search Admin Items: Location Default Rates.
  2. On the Manage Location Rates page, choose a location.

    Important!: If you operate several different locations, it is important to set up each location individually.

  3. Enter default rates for each Reservation Type and each Additional Service.

    Reservation Types: These rates will run according to your charge by settings when setting up each Reservation Type. These rates cannot be freely changed in the cart. If you would like to set multiple animal discounts, please set up Pricing Rules. For Grooming, since there is a variable price for grooming services, leave the price at $0.00.

    Services: These rates can be changed freely from several places in your app. For services with varying prices (eg. grooming services), you may leave the price at $0.00 and include the price ranges for this service in the description when setting up the service.

Important!: Assigning prices to both Additional Services and Service Options will result in the system adding those prices together in the cart.


When finished, click Save Location Rates.