Open Line Items are an item that can be added to the cart that can be used for services or retail items that are not otherwise classified. These items can be assigned a variable price and description, can be surcharges or discounts, and can assign a tip or commission to a specific employee...and more. 

Here are some examples of things that can be set up as open line items:

Setting Up Open Line Item Types:

Left Navigation > Admin > Search Admin Items: Open Line Item Types

This page allows you to create types of open line item charges per location and designate whether they will have sales tax applied to them in the cart; whether negative amounts can be entered into them (discounts); whether the item is used for tipping; and whether the item is attached to a particular specialist (generates commission). Set these up in whatever ways are most useful to your business.

  1. Click Add Line Item Type
  2. Fill out form using Field Guide below.
  3. Repeat until all desired Open Line Item Types are created.

Location:  Select the location you would like the open line item to be available. Please note: you will need to create an open line item per location if you want them in all locations.
Name the open line item type.
Is Taxed:

Select whether tax is automatically applied to this type of item. (This will be use the tax rate set for your Location.)  

Note: for tax to be applied to ANY open line item types, the 'tax on open items' setting must be turned on for your location.  To set general tax categories navigate to: Left Navigation > Admin > System Settings > Locations. 

Status:Is whether this open line item type is currently active / available at checkout.
Allow negative:

Allows the open line item to be entered as a negative amount, applying a 'discount' in the cart.

 Please only choose ONE of the below settings!  If you choose both, the Open Line Item will be reported on BOTH the Tips report and the Commission report!
Is Tip:

If yes is selected, the open line item creates a tip on your Tips report.

Specialist:If a specialist is selected here, the open line item charge will generate commission for a specialist, using the commission percentage set for that specialist. Their commission will appear on the Commission report.