Services by Date Report:

Left Navigation > Reports & More > Reports > Search Reports: Services By Date.

On this page you can generate a report to include particular services that are happening within a certain date range: 

Important!: to see only services that are scheduled within the selected date range, tick the 'Scheduled' option.

After you generate the report, you can view all details of the reservation type including who it is assigned to. You can even print a PDF version. 

 Facility Calendar:

Left Navigation > Calendar > Facility Calendar. 

This will give you a minute-by-minute breakdown of scheduled services for a particular date:

Do these services (for instance "walks") need to be scheduled to view in the report?

That's is correct. The walks have to be scheduled, but you can use the default time and duration settings for the service to automatically scheduled them when they are added to a reservation.

In the below example, when I click the Add Services! button (then save the reservation at the bottom of the page), the walk will be scheduled at the time shown (which is the default time). I can change the time or choose a different day if I want but, if not, the default time is used.

However, if a service is set up as 'is scheduled' but is added from the dashboard services widget, the service does not get scheduled, but ends up in the Services Pending Scheduling column on the Facility Calendar. I'll find out if we can do something about that. For now, to be sure services get scheduled properly when you're editing a reservation (adding to an existing reservation), please add scheduled services from "Edit Reservation" rather than through the dashboard widget.