In Gingr, when an employee no longer works for your facility they are "deactivated" instead of deleted. This retains the service history associated with their specialist / employee user account. 

  1. Navigate to Left Navigation Menu > Reports & More  > Users.
  2. From the Users and Groups page, click the Active button under the Status column. This will take the user from Active to Inactive status.

  3. You will be asked to confirm. Click OK to continue, or Cancel to discontinue.

    Once deactivated, you will see Inactive beside the employee's information.

  4. To make sure they are no longer signed into Gingr, navigate to Left Navigation > Admin > Search Admin Items: Logout All Sessions.

All currently logged in users, including you will be logged out instantly. You will need to log back in after this step. 

Important!: You will also want to delete the specialist from your Existing Specialists, or assign their schedule to another specialist employee. Remember, a specialist is the employee + their schedule. Deleting a schedule here will not delete or deactivate the user, it will just delete the schedule and commission settings for this employee.