Each Reservation in Gingr has a dedicated Reservation Details Page which houses all details of a reservation.  The Reservation Details page allows you to view and edit all details associated with a reservation, including: 

  • Attached Additional Services and Service Options (formerly called Add Ons)
  • POS items purchased
  • Assigned Lodging
  • Check-in/Check-out times
  • See by whom and when the reservation was created

From this page you can also: 

  • Edit Animal & Owner profiles
  • Attach POS items 
  • View Immunizations
  • View Incidents
  • View and Edit Medication and Feeding Report details
  • Resend Reservation-Related emails

In this article, we will show you how to get to and navigate the Reservation Details Page.

How to get to the Reservation Details Page:

There are a few ways to navigate to the details page of a reservation.  

From the Dashboard

  • From either the Checked InExpected Today, or Going Home Today sections of the Dashboard, find the reservation in the list and click on the Actions menu (list icon), then select View Reservation Details.

  • Also from the Checked In, Expected Today, or Going Home Today sections of the Dashboard, find the reservation and click on the reservation type.

From the Animal or Owner Page

  1. Navigate to the Animal or Owner page by either, clicking on their name from anywhere in the app, or type the owner or animal's name into the predictive Search box in the upper left of your app.
  2. On the Animal or Owner page, click the Reservations tab.
  3. Find the reservation you are looking for and click the Actions menu to select View Reservation.

    Note: Again, alternatively you can click on the reservation type.

Upper Navigation Buttons:

Directly above the tab that includes the animal and owners name are a few square icon buttons. These buttons allow you perform a number of actions, and these actions will be different if the reservation is in the future/present or completed.

Pencil/Edit Icon: click this button to edit the reservation, owner or animal

Email Icon: click this button to re-send reservation related emails

Print Icon: click this button to print the run card for this reservation

Lodging Icon: click this button to manage the lodgings associated with this reservation 

Dollar Icon: click this button to generate an estimate of the reservation total or view the receipt

Details Tab:

This page contains key information about the reservation and allows you to manage:

  • Feeding and Medication Reports
  • Deposits
  • Report Cards

Services Tab:

From the Services tab your options are:
  • View or Edit all services details and notes.
  • See assigned service options.
  • See who the Service was assigned to; who actually completed it, and when. 

Click the Action menu beside a service to:
  • Mark a Service as Complete.
  • Schedule the service, if it hasn't already been.
  • Edit Service notes and details.
  • Delete the Service.

 POS Items Tab:

From the POS Items tab your options are: 

  • View all retail items attached to the Reservation, along with their price.
  • Remove retail items from the Reservation. 
  • Add the item to a different Reservation.

  Lodging Tab: 

From the Lodging tab you can:
  • View Lodging date.
  • See Area Lodging is in.
  • View the Run name.
  • See current and Maximum capacity of the Lodging.

Note: The Lodging tab is "view only."  If you want to Edit any aspect of the reservation, click Edit Reservation button.  Or if you want to edit Lodging only, click Lodging Chooser button. Both buttons are located in the upper left of the page, no matter which tab you are clicked into.

 Animal and Owner Tabs:

The Animal and Owner tabs are duplicated from the Animal and Owner profile pages. These pages are identical to the Animal and Owner page Details tab.  From here you can view all important Animal and Owner information.

Note: In order to edit Animal or Owner profiles, click the Edit Owner or Edit Animal buttons (both in the upper right of page).

Immunizations Tab:

From the Immunizations tab you can:
  • See if there are any expired immunizations (indicated by a red tab and (#)).
  • Click Manage Immunizations to update expiration dates or enter new records.
  • View details of all immunizations and their last update.

 Incidents Tab:

From the Incidents tab you can: 
  • See a record of all historical Incidents with descriptions, as well as who created them, and when.
  • Add a new Incident to the Animal's profile.

Note: a red Incident tab indicates that there has been an incident(s) recorded.  The (#) indicates how many.