Reservation Types and Services on the Facility Calendar:

Reservation Types and Services can be indicated by a specific color on the Facility Calendar. This allows you to quickly see what is happening for each day. 


Changing the Calendar View:

The calendar view can be changed to show the  Month, Week, or Day. Each view can jump back or to the next month, week, or day. 


Month View


Day View

On the day view of the Facility Calendar, you will see:

  • A column for every user in your app that has specialist settings.
  • Users who are set up with slot-based services (as opposed to time-based services) will have + and - icons next to their names.
  • At the top of the calendar, you can select which specialists you want to view. (Click the button on the far left to select all).


Filtering the Calendar View:

The calendar can be filtered by 

  • Specialists
  • Time-Based Services
  • Slot-Based Services

Filtering by Specialist 

To filter the calendar by Specialists, simply click in the box on the top of the page to view users who have been setup as specialists: 

Note: The No Specialist Needed column is for time-based services that do not require a specialist.



Understanding the Slot-Based Appointment Block:


  • [2] - the number in brackets is how many slots the appointment is using
  • Full Service Groom - the service's name
  • (+3) - the number of service options added to the service (click the appointment block to see more information)
  • Foofie Lewis - pet's name and owner's last name
  • Shih Tzu breed

Scheduling a Service:

Click the Green button to book an appointment for that groomer on that date:


When using specific scheduled specialist times

On the calendar you can see the blue areas indicate the available times of the specialist.


When you click on the blue fields, select a service box will pop up to schedule the service:


Drag an appointment to a different groomer's availability on the same date

Note: Groomer must have sufficient available slots.


Edit an Appointment


Important!: Be sure you are not moving the service to a date that is not within the reservation!  If you aren't sure, instead of rescheduling this way, edit the reservation.

Marking a Service Complete, Adding Notes and Rescheduling:

When double clicking on a scheduled appointment a pop up will appear where you can Mark As Complete, Reschedule Appointment and notes to the appointment:


Managing Slots from the Facility Calendar:

Click the + or - icons to increase or decrease that user's slots for a specific date.

Note: (Requires 'can manage others' schedules' user permission.)