Processing a refund for a payment made through the Transactions tab on the owner's profile, is slightly different than a normal refund:

If it was a credit card payment:

If your business took a credit card payment through the Add a Credit button on the customer's profile, and you wish to refund this payment, you must refund through your CardConnect Merchant Center at, in addition to refunding in Gingr.

These refunds must be done in 2 steps. 

  1. First you must issue the refund in CardConnect
  2. You must issue the refund in Gingr to update their transaction history on their owner profile.

If it was not a credit card payment:
If your business took a payment or issued a credit through the Add a Credit button using any payment method other than by credit card and you wish to refund that payment, skip step 1 and proceed to step 2.

Step 1: Issuing Refund in CardConnect

  1. Login to the Merchant Center:
  2. Navigate to the Reporting tab.

  3. Under the Date tab tab, choose Specific Dates and select the date of the payment you are refunding.

  4. Copy the CardConnect Transaction ID number from the customer's Transaction history in Gingr.

  5. Paste it into the Search Columns field in the Merchant Center:

  6. Click Transaction # for the transaction in the Merchant Center.

    ...and on the Transaction Details page in the Merchant Center, click the Refund button.

  7. Modify the refund Amount if it is a partial refund, enter a Refund Reason and click Refund.

Step 2: Issue the Refund in Gingr

Note: This method will edit historical reporting. If you have already run a report for the period of the original transaction, using the below refund method will cause a newer report including the same date to produce different figures. We are working on new ways to take pre-payment in the application, which will make refunds for prepayments and account credits more straightforward.

  1. Navigate to the Owner's page in Gingr and click the Transactions tab.
  2. Find the credit line item and click the Pencil Icon in the Edit column.

  3. Edit the credit amount according to what was refunded. If it was a full refund, make the credit amount $0.00 and change the payment method to No Payment.