If you charge for boarding / lodging reservation types by 24 hour periods, please read this article to better understand how you'll want this to be set up in Gingr.

Note: This article is intended only for those in the Admin user group.

If you only charge for completed 24 hour periods:

All you'll need to do is turn on the charge by 24 hours setting on the reservation type and you are good to go.


Note: For complete instructions on how to set up reservation types, please read: How to Configure Reservation Types and Services.

24hr Variations - Charging for Every Night, or Last Day Daycare:

If there are any other variations, such as actually charging for every night the pet is checked in, or charging something like a 'last day daycare' charge, please read below:

  • The Charge by 24 hours setting on reservation types will apply a charge (according to the rate and rules you have set up for that reservation type) only for COMPLETED 24 hour periods (with the exception of the first 24 hour period, which is charged for immediately upon check-in).

Because of the above, if you want to charge for every night the pet is checked in 
and use a 24 hour period to determine whether the pet is charged a 'last day' charge, you will need to set up at least two pricing rules to accomplish that.

1) Pricing rule to charge for the last night of boarding if it is not a completed 24 hour period: 

The following rule will charge for the last night of boarding before their next completed 24 hour period (in this case 15 hours later). For instance, if a dog checks in at 1pm, the system will not charge for boarding until 1pm the next day. With the following rule, the system will charge the dog for the last night regardless of the 24 hour period (in this example at 4am). To determine the amount of minutes to charge, refer to the hours that you are open. For instance, if your last check in time in 6pm and your first check in time is 7am, make this charge around 12 hours.

2) Pricing rule to charge a last day (or last day daycare) charge on the day of pickup:

Some businesses charge a fee on the last day of boarding, if the pet is picked up after the clock time they were dropped off.  For example, if the pet was dropped off at 10am Monday and picked up 2pm Wednesday, they would be charged for 2 nights and a fee for that last day. But if they picked up before 10am Wednesday, they would only be charged for 2 nights.  If you do something like this, you will first need a version of the rule shown above, and you will also need at least one rule like those you see below:

A dollar amount: what this rule says is "if you pick up 4 hours after the clock time you dropped off, you will be charged $25."

Charging for a reservation type:
 what this rule says is "if you pick up 2 hours after the clock time you dropped off, you will be charged our rate for 'this' reservation type."

Here's another example of this kind of rule:

 If you charge a "1/2 Day Daycare" fee after a certain amount of time and then a "Full Day Daycare" fee after more time, you can create both rules, just like the last two you see above.

Important!: "increment by" settings on reservation types DO NOT apply to 24 hour billing. They only apply to the charge by hour setting.