In Gingr, you can mark services as complete, to help you track which services have been done and which have not. In this article we will show you how to mark a service as complete from the:

  • Checked-In Section of the Dashboard
  • Facility Calendar
  • Services by Date Report
  • Reservations Details Page

Important!: Your business's administrator will have configured the Locations settings for charge for incomplete services. If enabled, services are still charged for at checkout even if the service has not yet been marked as complete.  If disabled, services must be marked as complete in order to carry charges.    

From the Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Checked In section of Dashboard and click on a service in the Services column of the reservation you are updating.
  2. Click the check mark to mark this service as complete.  

Note: Green check mark indicates that the service has been marked as complete.

Once marked as complete, a success message appears in lower left of your screen.

From the Facility Calendar:

  1. Find the appointment that you are wanting to mark as complete on the facility calendar, and click on it:

  2. The Edit Services panel will open with all scheduled services for that scheduled time on the calendar. From here, you can click Mark All As Complete if there are multiple services that you have completed, or you can mark each one complete as you go.

  3. You will receive a Success message at the bottom of the screen to indicate that this service has been marked as complete.

From the Services by Date Report: 

  1. Navigate to Left Navigation > Reports & More > Reports > Search Reports: Services by Date
  2. Enter the Criteria and click Generate Report.

  3. Either click Mark All as Complete to mark all services complete at once, or to mark a single service as complete, select Mark as Complete from the Actions menu.

Note: Alternatively, you can access the Services by Date report directly from the Edit Services panel by clicking View Details.

From the Reservation Details Page

  1. Navigate to the Reservation Details Page by clicking on the name of the reservation (on the Dashboard, or from the Reservations tab of the Owner or Animal's page).
  2. Click on the Services tab.
  3. Select Mark as Complete from the Actions menu.