The Admin page is where you will perform the great majority of administrative functions in Gingr. You can use the Filter box at the top of the Admin page to search for the Admin section you're looking for.

Note: Only those in the Admin user group can access this page.  

How to Use the Admin Page:

To get to the Admin page, go to Left Navigation > Admin.

Note: Users that are not in the Admin user group, will not see the Admin option on their Left Navigation Menu.

Filter to Search

Once on the Admin Page, you will be able to search for the topic you are looking for using the 'Filter' function. This is the quickest way to search the admin page for the settings you wish to manage.

For example, if you want to configure Reservation Types or Services:

  1. Type Reservation into the Filter. The page will filter down to only results including that word.

  2. Click on the result you were searching for.


  3. You will be navigated to the page where those settings are managed.