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  • Customer Communication

    Customer Communication

    There are many different ways to communicate with customers in Gingr and the Customer Communication category covers all of them. Read through these articles to learn about the different ways in which you can reach out to your customers through email and SMS texting.

  • Customer Portal

    Customer Portal

    The Customer Portal category contains help articles on how to manage the customer portal settings on the business side, as well as information for your pet parents on how to make reservations and appointments, purchase retail and packages, upload documents, and more.

  • Owners & Animals

    Owners & Animals

    The Owners & Animals category is a collection of articles on how to manage owner and animal data including profiles, employee notes, icons, & more.

  • Reservations, Appointments, & Group Classes

    Reservations, Appointments, & Group Classes

    This section contains information on settings and how to structure reservations, appointments, and group classes.

  • Facility Management

    Facility Management

    The Facility Management category covers a wide array of topics geared towards managing your facility. Get the most out of Gingr's facility management tools by reading through the articles under this category.

  • Dashboard & Calendars

    Dashboard & Calendars

    The Dashboard & Calendars section provides an overview of tasks you can complete on the Dashboard (checking animals in, cancelling reservations, etc.), as well as important information on Calendars.

  • Staff & Specialist Account Management

    Staff & Specialist Account Management

    The Staff & Specialist Account Management category contains information on how to manage staff through Gingr. Read through these articles to learn about scheduling and staff management.

  • Credit Card Processing

    Credit Card Processing

    The Credit Card Processing category contains everything you need to know about credit card processing in Gingr.

  • Point of Sale & Packages

    Point of Sale & Packages

    Point of sale (retail Items) and package sales are huge drivers for your business. Get the most out of packages and POS items by reading through the Point of Sale & Packages category.

  • Pricing & Pricing Rules

    Pricing & Pricing Rules

    This category contains articles on reservation type and service pricing as well as pricing rules.

  • Payments & Invoicing

    Payments & Invoicing

    The articles in this section cover how to collect payments and deposits in Gingr as well as how to manage invoice and payment settings.

  • Reporting


    This section contains information on all reports available in the Gingr application.

  • Gingr Subscriptions

    Gingr Subscriptions

    The Gingr Subscriptions category contains information on Gingr Subscriptions, Managing Data, Facility, and Onboarding setup.

  • API & Integrations

    API & Integrations

    This category contains information on APIs and Integrations in Gingr. The following articles list the different types of integrations available to you.

  • FAQ


    Browse the FAQ Category to find commonly asked questions.